Freelance Writing vs. Blogging: The Difference It Makes When Earning Money

Photo credit: Cottonpro Pexel

Blogging has always been a fun and introspective way for me to share my inner thoughts with the world. However, blogging was not a reliable source of income for me. The blogging community embraced me with open arms as a creative entrepreneur. I was an enthusiastic blogger from Atlanta that posted randomly from time to time on WordPress. My ambitions were constantly outgrowing the validation I received in the comments. I desired a more steady income from blogging my thoughts online.

Hence, freelance writing was the golden opportunity to get paid for my creative genius. Freelance writing provided me with an additional stream of income consistently. Blogging was more of a hobby. I enjoyed developing content online for followers. Blogging required more time and commitment to developing relevant content for subscribers. More often than not, most of my time was spent coming up with creative ways to draw traffic to the website. While the online community is a supportive channel. It was a big investment with little return for the hard work. It’s a very competitive and crowded platform that requires a lot of patience and consistency.

Blogging is an excellent medium to utilize to get your feet wet. I learned how to convey ideas in a conversational tone. Market products that I loved to my target demographic. I focused on building SEO friendly titles that would increase traffic to my website. Blogging is useful in a lot of ways. My biggest challenge as a blogger for five years was understanding my brand. Sure, taking pictures in my latest outfit was one thing. But, I really missed golden opportunities to convert those guest comments into lifetime fans of my work. I did not understand business or marketing at the time. I was just blogging because I loved writing and it was a popular thing to do.

My heart is with freelance writing. I like the flexibility of taking on medium to large projects. Being compensated for your time doesn’t hurt either. Moreover, building a reputable list of clients will boost your resume and confidence. Freelance writing gives you the space to create a schedule that fits your life. Cheers to working four hours a day in your pj’s with Wendy Williams in the background. The best part about being a freelance writer is you get to accept or decline projects at your discretion. In a nutshell, you’re your own boss. That’s the ultimate win, win.

A con with freelance writing is lowballing yourself because of a lack of experience. People will be able to sniff out your lack of confidence and give you the lowest bid. Don’t accept it. You have the technology and social media on your side. Whether you start off pro bono or barter your services, never accept less than you deserve. Make sure your rates are comparable to your basic necessities to live and a little extra to make you happy.

Blogging does have it’s perks like brand partnerships and affiliate marketing programs. However, if you’re a young adult trying to figure the digital marketing space out I’d start with freelance marketing. That way, you’ll have money in your pocket to pay for your photoshoot and schmooze your next client.

Whether you choose blogging or freelance writing, be consistent in building your platform. There are quite a few successful bloggers online who earn six-figure incomes for a living. As well as freelance writers who have developed a consulting business for digital marketing online companies. The world is yours, choose your best route and stick with it.

Minolta is a writer, an online entrepreneur, and a recovering corporate dropout. She lives in Atlanta with her extroverted sons, and doting fiancée.