Shut up & Write! 3 Secrets To Getting Real About Your Writing Career

Photo credit: Unsplash Mike Tinnion

Many people often inquire about launching their writing careers. It’s normal to ask questions about an industry. Who wouldn’t want to have Cheetos stains on their computers as they blog about Cardi B and Meg? Sign me up. Most writers work comfortably from home for less than eight hours a day. Sounds like a pretty sweet gig, right?

It’s a dream gig. The hard part about writing is actually, writing. Writing consistently on a daily basis separates the amateurs from the pros. Writing involves research, editing, grammatical checks, and understanding your voice. It’s definitely not as glamorous as Carrie Bradshaw portrayed in Sex In The City. Writing is a craft. It takes hard work, discipline, and patience to commit to one idea from beginning to end.

You’re probably wondering how many writers make it look easy. After many months and years of rejection, you learn to develop tough skin. Nowadays bloggers and influencers have glamorized the writing process and making a steady income. Minus the picture-perfect timeline and over-edited images, you can make money writing.

It’s time to shut up and write! That’s possibly the most challenging part for most novice writers. Giving up Instagram and logging off for a few hours seems nearly impossible. What will happen in ten minutes if you log off? A lot actually. You’ll be able to clearly think out loud and complete your blog post or manuscript. Whether you’re looking to make some extra money writing on the side or looking to jump into a lucrative career as an author. These tips will help you identify key ways to help you get real about your writing career and make money.

Set a time to write daily: We’re all trying to take over the world and be a badass CEO. Guilty. Before you conquer corporate America, let's focus on your time management. Committing one or two hours a day to write daily will help you sharpen your creative muscle. Wherever we focus our energy is where we see the optimal results. Choose a time of day that allows you to maximize your writing potential.

Choose your writing path: Blogging has become the “ it” thing to do for the past decade. Every business professional, yoga enthusiast, or stay at home mom has a blog. Join the club. While writing a 50,000-word novel may be a dream accomplishment. It may not be what you currently have in your writing career tool bag. That’s fine. Choose the blogging path to exercise your writing skillset, identify your audience, and consistently blog monthly. The important thing is to commit to writing and establishing yourself as a writer to your community.

Build a solid network: You know all of those enthusiastic followers you have online, use them. That’s right. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the perfect platform for writers looking to establish a career. Whether you’re used to ranting about politics, celeb drama, or how much you love Chik-Fil-A. Your audience knows who you are and your personality. Share your excitement to start a writing career, ask for tips, or connect with more established writers. No one is going to take you seriously until you do.

Take some time and sit still and write. The internet, relationships, and your Uber Eats order can wait. Writing is a commitment to the process of churning out your wild and crazy idea into a completed work. Don’t compare yourself to a fictional character with relationship dilemmas. Don’t try to emulate your favorite bloggers' career. Just be you. Your voice is worthy to be heard and absorbed by your audience. Stop talking about your dreams and make them a reality.

Minolta is a writer, an online entrepreneur, and a recovering corporate dropout. She lives in Atlanta with her extroverted sons, and doting fiancée.